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About Live.CS
It is an event conducted and designed by Prabandh (A unit of MBS Group™). Live.CS is a state-of-the-art that allows playing counter strike game in a real scenario basis. It played in a darkened 3,500 square foot arena in which the players seek to capture the opponent's base. Smoke swirls around your feet. Lights flash, Music pounds. You fire your "laser" through the din to strike your opponents and capture their base while trying to avoid being shot. Live.Cs is a heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping game, in which strategy and luck are joined to defeat your opponents.
How is Live.CS played?
1. In Live.CS, the game holds an arena consisting of hurdles, tunnels and hiding places.

2. The game comprises of real life simulation of the PC game Counter Strike. Here the players are divided into two groups Terrorist (T) and Counter-Terrorist (CT). Each playing group has 4 to 5 members (Depending on entries). The groups are indicated with a Black and army dress jacket's designed.

3. The game is timed (say 15min. round). In this 5min the 'CT' team has to eliminate all members of the 'T' team or diffuse the Bomb. If either of the case is fulfilled the CT wins the game. If the 'T' team manage to kill the CT or if the Bomb goes off (blows) then in either of the case the 'T' team wins.

4. Here each player will have a jacket consisting of the electronic circuit and the sensors and a Laser gun having a sensor. The jacket will have an indicator indicating the player's life. For every 5 shots taken on the jacket and the back sensor the player losses one of the LEDs. There are 8 such LEDs. A Head Shot will disable all the LEDs.

5. Once the Life of a player is over,that individual is taken out from the arena.

6. Here the 'CT' team has to be sure that they disable the right Bomb because there are few fake bombs planted.

Note: The plantation of Bombs will be thoroughly done by the volunteers and not the Terrorist Group. The volunteers should take the responsibility to Start the timer, eliminate individuals appropriately and Judge the winning team fairly.