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Magic Show

Magicis a mixture of art, science and illusion. It is an art of amazing people which not merely entertain us but also helps in brain development of children and students when they start thinking about the secretes behind the tricks. It is a science as it involves tricks which are based on science principles. Illusion is something in which what we show is not actually present, it is our presentation which makes the illusion possible. The basic difference between a Magician and others is that the magician starts thinking from where a common person stops thinking.


About our MagicShows
The extraordinary thing in our Magic Show is that we mould our shows according to the event or occasion on which we are performing. For incidence we are performing for the product promotion of FEVICOL, we hypnotise two persons and magically paste their hands and say their tag line "FEVICOL ka jod hai khulega nai". So we present their advertisement through Magic that no one forgets it. We Magically produce banners of those companies and if it is an occasions related to children like birthday parties, prize distributions, annual days, college fests, summer camps, etc. We distribute candies and chocolates, produce Happy Birthday banners and involve them in our shows too for their cherishing moments. Our show includes a lot of hilarious content which adds to their joys.
The motive of our shows is that every single person, from children to aged person, should enjoy to the most and like our show. Pin drop silence is experienced during our shows. A variety of Magic tricks involve them too much in the show that they forget where they were, this healthy entertainment remain in their minds throughout their lives. Many people meet us after long time and they were still able to recall our Magic Show.
Apart from entertainment, we also make people aware about the negative applications of Magic. Nowadays, many people get easily influenced by Black Magic and Hypnotisers, which actually is not present in today's world. They only make use of some Magic tricks which they show as a Black Magic or Hypnotising. Magic is just a way of presentation because people only see that part which we want to show them.